Change your life for the better with FLEX Bali

Assisted stretching comes with multiple benefits that can be life-changing even with only a few sessions. Our Flexers are determined to help you lead a healthier and more active life. Discover the benefits below.

Improve recovery

Stretching relaxes your muscles and increases your blood flow which helps your body heal. Truly a great way to bounce back after an intense workout or a long day at work.

Increase blood flow

Your blood flow increases whilst stretching which promotes relaxation and minimizes stress. This is a great way to avoid the impact stress has on your overall health.

Improve posture

By lengthening the spine and core muscles, stretching can improve your posture and relieve pain, especially now in the era where many of us are working on phones and computers.

Improve performance

Stretching will help you improve your flexibility, strength, and endurance which can help improve your physical performance. With the increase in blood flow and faster muscle recovery, you’ll be in it for the long run!

Reduce chance of injury

Stretching reduces chances of injury by reducing muscle tightness and helps improve the ability of your body to absorb impact.

Increase range of motion

A wider range of motion helps keep your muscles healthy whilst also avoiding injury so thanks to stretching you’ll be left with happy and healthy muscles

Decrease tension headaches

Tension headaches are caused by muscle tension in the head and the neck, by stretching your neck muscles you can decrease those headaches whilst also increasing endorphins which can make you feel better.

Still unsure?

If you’re feeling a bit unsure about assisted stretching, don’t worry. If you still have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re always here to help! You can contact us below.


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